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Coastal Property Insurance                                                                               

Finding insurance for a coastal property can be a hard task. Many insurance companies will try to avoid insuring coastal properties because they are located in flood zones and areas of high wind. Also they avoid these properties because of the inconsistency of occupancy due to week to week rentals and monthly vacancies too name just a few.

This makes it increasingly important that you find an insurance agency that you can trust. Coastal property insurance is unlike regular property insurance because you need  different and extra coverage to what normal homeowners policies provide. A standard homeowners policy will normally cover you for damage or loss of personal possessions due to fire, theft, and other calamities. But for coastal properties you will most likely need a separate wind policy if your home could be damaged by hurricane winds.

It is also very important to insure your coastal property against floods. At Coelho insurance we can help you with a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This flood insurance will cover the structure of your home and your personal property from flood damage. Flood insurance policyholder claims are paid even if a disaster is not Federally declared. Flood insurance means you'll be reimbursed for all your covered losses.

Here at Coelho Insurance with our wide range of standard and non standard market companies we will be able to find you the best prices in the area and find an agency that you can trust for your coastal property.

So contact us for all of your Coastal Property Insurance needs.


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